31 March 2010

knape !! mgape !! ptot ke !! perlu ke !!

law 240

one of the course that i should take this sem
OMG !!
td bwu paz test
mang xley uat
actlly xsush
but but nk egt uh yg sush
byg an, kalo de satu je case n dy pnye sectn xpe
nyh x ,,
thousnd of cases n sections !! 
(xde r thousnd sbnrnye kalo thousnd bek aku amik law je twoz)
huhuhu !!
now,kne focus gle gmpg kat finl
carry mark confirm gle gmpng pnye twok
haisyh !!
law n law n law n law

HACKS _syaffuan syafiq

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